Our mission


The University of Music Karlsruhe is an artistic-scholarly institution, particularly dedicated to preparing its students for artistic occupations as well as professions relating to the teaching of music. It simultaneously promotes up-and-coming artists and is involved in arranging cultural activities for courses revolving around the study of mass media.

In addition to the traditional areas of study, our courses focus on contemporary music, musical theatre and music journalism with a link to the world of mass media.



Teaching and Studies

We offer our courses which give the students not only a sound artistic-scholarly knowledge but also practice-oriented basis. Furthermore, we ensure that high standards are combined with a reasonable length of studies.

We encourage and support a high degree of flexibility within our programmes in order to provide our students with increased job opportunities in the market, including the field of multimedia.

As we offer artistically highly-qualified individual lessons for soloists in both singing and instrumental education as well as an extraordinarily high number of performance possibilities for our students, we are able to guarantee a diverse training which incorporates internationally recognized stage experience. It is our aim to continually develop our study programmes.

We also cultivate regular contact with our former students and graduates.



International Profile

We promote exchange programmes at other European and non-European universities and encourage participation in projects abroad, also taking larger ensemblesinto account, which is of an artistically high value and significantly enhances the team spirit.

We place great value in our international relations and maintain contacts throughout the world by university partnerships. Moreover, we are a member of the academic exchange programmes of the EU.

We ensure a high attraction to our University of Music and its competitive qualities by the participation of our lecturers in national and international juries and festivals as well as conferences.

By the internationalisation of our diplomas, we are striving to secure increased international recognition for our work.



We feel a special commitment to the region of North Baden, to its people and economy. Thus, we wish to take part in shaping its cultural, economic as well as social development.

Thanks to our numerous events, we have accomplished becoming one of the most significant cultural factors of this region.





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