„Kontaktstudium“ / Further Education

Since April 2002 it is possible at the University of Music Karlsruhe to take study courses (including all orchestral instruments, conducting, composition and vocal) as part of a “Kontaktstudium” (contact study) based on a contract under private law in accordance with s. 28 Kunsthochschulgesetz (Law applicable to Universities of Art). Thus, those persons interested will not formally be registered as students on a degree course but they will be accorded a status similar to that of students to enable them to participate in university life besides their instruction. Therefore, the use of the library and of the practice rooms will be permitted, University events may be attended at no additional cost and it may be possible to actively participate in the University’s events. Furthermore, it will be possible to attend master-classes taught by guests at no extra cost, provided that these events are also offered gratuitously to registered students.



  • Instrumental instruction
  • Vocal / opera
  • conducting
  • Composition
  • Song interpretation
  • Chamber music for piano (only as part of an ensemble)
  • Chamber music for string instruments (only as part of an ensemble)
  • Chamber music for wind instruments (only as part of an ensemble)



  • Agreement of the professor in question
  • Approval by the University on the basis of an examination of the student’s level of achievement (either by submitting a CD or by playing for the professor)


If the prerequisites are met, a private-law contract will be concluded between the University and the “contact student”. Subsequently, a student ID card will be issued to enable the student to enjoy the same rights on campus as a student of the University for the duration of his or her “Kontaktstudium”.

It will not be possible to take a final exam. The University will, in cooperation with the professor concerned, draw up a certificate listing the academic achievements of the student.

It is not possible to use a “Kontaktstudium” to prepare for the University’s entrance exam and it is not possible to participate in the entrance exam at all once a “Kontaktstudium” has been observed.


  • 2200 Euros per semester (summer semester:
    April-July, winter semester: October-February)

Fees must be paid in a lump sum before the beginning of the semester.



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