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Final concert
ZeitGenuss 2021_Saunders

Haosi Howard Chen (*1991): sow for guitar quartet (2021), premiere
Andrés Nuño de Buen (*1988): Leve for guitar quartet (2018-2019), premiere
Yangkai Lin (*2001): Play for flute, percussion and piano (2021), premiere
Franz Ferdinand August Rieks (*1998): Interspatial Arrow Mountains. A Relief of the Bardo Mind Landscape for clarinet, violoncello, piano (2021), premiere
Rebecca Saunders (*1967): Stirrings Still I for oboe, alto flute, A clarinet, crotales and piano (2006)
Wolfgang Rihm (*1952) Chiffre IV for bass clarinet, violoncello and piano (1984)
Klara Mlakar (*1999): Immortality for mixed choir (2021), premiere
Elina Lukijanova (*1983): Raubtier (predator) for chamber choir and a reference solo voice (2015/2021), premiere

Aleph Guitar Quartet: Andrés Hernández Alba | Tillmann Reinbeck | Wolfgang Sehringer | Christian Wernicke
Ensemble TEMA: Tomas Westbrooke, violin | Eve Cambreling, flute | Antoine Cottinet, oboe | Evgeni Orkin, clarinet | Hugo Smit, violoncello | Olga Zheltikova, piano | Alexander Schröder, percussion
Chamber Choir of the Christuskirche
Benjamin Hartmann
, conductor Christuskirche Chamber Choir

Sponsored by the Riemschneider Foundation

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Eventtype: Neue Musik
24. October · 06:00 PM

Kaiserallee 2 · 76133 Karlsruhe

Tickets are available from the advance booking offices from 11 October, directly from Reservix or from the advance booking website of the University of Music Karlsruhe