Tabea Zimmermann

Solo Recital
Die Bratscherin Tabea Zimmermann


Johann Sebastian Bach Suite N° 3 in C major

Luciano Berio "Naturale (su melodie siciliane)"
for viola, percussion and audio tape

Shulamit Ran "Perfect Storm"

György Kurtág
"Signs, Games and Messages" for Viola
· In Nomine – all’ongherese
· ... eine Blume für Tabea
· Kromatikus feleselös

Johann Sebastian Bach Suite N° 4 in E flat major


Tabea Zimmermann viola
Isao Nakamura percussion (Berio)
Sound control (Berio) SAM · ComputerStudio 


Marco Borggreve

8. June · 08:27 AM
CampusOne · Wolfgang-Rihm-Forum

Am Schloss Gottesaue 7 · 76131 Karlsruhe


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- Admission only with official "3G proof".
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