1. July 2021
Open Air Spielstätte am MUT

On Friday and Saturday of this week, two attractive open-air concerts will take place on the concert lawn of the Karlsruhe University of Music. They will start at 7:30 p.m.
The "Overture for Harmony Music" by Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy will be heard on both evenings. He composed the work in 1824 for the excellent wind players of the Kurkapelle in Bad Doberan on the Baltic Sea as a light-hearted nocturne in C major. Instrumentation: flute, two each of clarinets, oboes, bassoons and horns, one trumpet and one bass horn. The bass horn, which is related to the cornett, "has a beautiful, deep tone, and looks like a watering can or a syringe," is how the then 15-year-old composer described it. In 1839, by now 30 years old, he arranged the nocturne for a larger wind ensemble, and it became the "Overture for Harmony Music," op. 24. The wind ensemble of the Karlsruhe University of Music will perform, conducted by Prof. Will Sanders.

On the first evening (Friday) this will be followed by the popular "Trout Quintet". The composition by Franz Schubert goes back to a commission by the cellist Silvester Paumgartner, who was also particularly fond of Schubert's song "Die Forelle". The soul of the work is then also the variation movement on this Schubert song "In einem Bächlein helle...". Each of the instruments is assigned the theme as well as technically demanding transpositions. The quintet will be interpreted by a top-class ensemble with professors Kalle Randalu (piano), Christian Ostertag (violin), Johannes Lüthy (viola), László Fenyő (violoncello) and with Marcello Sung Hyuck Hong (double bass).

On the second evening (Saturday), after Mendelssohn's "Overture for Harmoniemusik", Johannes Brahms' Liebesliederwalzer will be performed. They are available for piano four-hands and in versions with voice, though whether they are to be performed solo or chorally remains open. "Hopefully this is a piece of house music and will be sung quickly and much," Brahms wished. But because of their high compositional level, the Liebeslieder waltzes are more likely to be heard by "professionals." They will be performed at Saturday's concert by Prof. Christiane Libor (soprano), Jasmin Etminan (alto), Veith Wagenführer (tenor), Prof. Stephan Klemm (bass), and Prof. Hartmut Höll and Prof. Kalle Randalu (piano).

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