Corona: Current information on study operation

9. January 2021

Dear lecturers, dear students,

in view of the numbers of infected persons and deaths, it is still true that a radical restriction of contacts is urgently needed. We are waiting for a corresponding further detailed decree from the Ministry of Science. But today we have decided the following:

· University buildings will continue to be closed until January 17, 2021.
· Classes can only be held online.
· Practice is allowed.

· As an exception, face-to-face teaching is permitted, insofar as this teaching is for the preparation of examinations that have already been agreed with the examination office by the end of WS 2020/2021.

In this regard, I urgently appeal to the personal responsibility of the lecturers.

You will be informed about further developments as soon as possible.

I thank you for your understanding and willingness to comply with these regulations in joint responsibility.

With best regards
Yours, Hartmut Höll

Jan 7, 2021