Marlene Pawlak as music theatre mediator in Kassel

31. January 2023
Die Regisseurin Marlene Pawlak

This semester Marlene Pawlak is completing her Bachelor's degree in music theatre directing at the InstituteĀ of Music Theater at Karlsruhe University of Music, and in autumn she will take up a permanent position at the Staatstheater Kassel. There she will not only work as a director and music theatre pedagogue, but thus also assume the position of a music theatre mediator. She is responsible for numerous interdisciplinary and intergenerational projects to which she contributes her expertise as a director. Marlene Pawlak is thus part of the core team of the new artistic director Florian Lutz. As her bachelor's thesis, she had staged "Il segreto di Susanna" by Ermanno Wolf-Ferrari on the grounds of the Alte Schlachthof in Karlsruhe in May 2021.