next_generation festival 9.0

22. June 2022
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The SAM · ComputerStudio and students of the Institute for Music Informatics and Musicology are represented at the festival next_generation 9.0, the meeting of university studios for electronic music. There, young composers from the field of electronic music get the chance to present their new compositions. This year the participants come from Germany, Austria, France and Switzerland. For four days, concerts and installations can be attended at various locations in the ZKM. These events will be complemented by lectures and discussions with students and teachers.

Lectures by Daniel Höpfner, Jia Liu and Dirk Handreke have been announced by SAM - ComputerStudio and the Institute for Music Informatics and Musicology. The concert on Friday, June 24, 5 p.m., will also feature works by Jakob Schreiber, Shu Ching Chon, Dirk Handreke and Zeno Lösch.





Wednesday, June 22, until Saturday, June 25, 2022
ZKM Karlsruhe