At this year's Heinz Kunle Competition of the Freundeskreis der Hochschule für Musik Karlsruhe e. V., Hyunjin Lim (soprano), Jasmin Désirée Schaff (mezzo-soprano) and David Gatchel (piano) were awarded third prize (€ 1,200). Franziska Fait (soprano), Cláudia Pereira (mezzo-soprano) and Zihao Lin (piano) were awarded the second prize (€2,000), and Maine Takeda (soprano), Marie Gerhardine Iguchi (mezzo-soprano) and Pedro Vidinha Pandeirada (piano) received the first prize of €3,200. The jury… Weiterlesen
An oboe d'amore was presented on November 18 as a gift from the Riemschneider Foundation on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the Karlsruhe University of Music. Thanks to the Riemschneider Foundation, the Hochschule was already able to acquire several instruments in previous years, including a basset horn, a saxophone, a euphonium (2014) and two baroque trombones (2018). Already since 2013, the university has received grants from the Riemschneider Foundation for various projects… Weiterlesen
The Futurological Congress The Music of the Future | The Future of Music A joint project of the Universities of Music Karlsruhe and Hanns Eisler Berlin 11 + 12 November 2021 - Karlsruhe University of Music 25 + 26 November 2021 - Hanns Eisler University of Music Berlin A joint project of the Institute for New Music of the Karlsruhe University of Music and the Department D of the Hanns Eisler University of Music Berlin, funded by the Federal Institute for Future Music (BIZM) of the Federal… Weiterlesen
Podcast project on composer street names launched 18 streets in Karlsruhe are named after composers (17 after men, one after a woman). Students and graduates of music journalism have taken this as an opportunity to produce a podcast on each of these musicians. The first six are now finished. For passengers who ride the streetcar between 8 and 19 November, the podcasts are available via a QR code on posters. The four producers are Markus Volk, Marcel Hiller, Ulrich Wiederspahn and Tabea… Weiterlesen
Students of the Karlsruhe University of Music were invited to the competition for the Rainer Koch Memorial Prize on November 2. They had to perform one or more works by Wolfgang Rihm in a solo or chamber music setting. Among the eight applications, the jury decided on three prize winners. The duo Jina Kim (violin) and Hyunhee Hwang (piano) each received a second prize (1,500 €) for their interpretation of "Hekton" and the Trio Atria with Nina Muñoz Ramos (piano), Lucía Fernández (violin) and… Weiterlesen