On Wednesday, November 16, high school students can get to know the diverse offerings of the Karlsruhe University of Music. From rehearsal visits to observation, practice choir and taster lectures to the VR studio, the diverse offerings on campus range. The day begins at 10:30 a.m. with an introductory event. Throughout the day, lecturers and students will be available to provide information on all aspects of studying. Registration is not required.  → Programm des Studieninformationstages→ … Weiterlesen
1. Nachtklänge Stummfilm & Neue Musik: Damon Thomas Lee Dirigent & Moderator Ulrich Wagner Friday · Nov 4, 2022 · 9:00 p.m. Studio, das Badische StaatstheaterHermann-Levi-Platz 1 · 76137 Karlsruhehttps://www.staatstheater.karlsruhe.de/programm/info/3196/ La petite marchande d’allumettes (1928) Jean Renoir In its original form, The Little Matchstick Girl has a compiled score, featuring works by Felix Mendelssohn, Johann Strauss and Richard Wagner, edited to fit the film. However, my… Weiterlesen
The newly elected Rector, Prof. Dr. Matthias Wiegandt, as well as the long-time Rector who left office, Prof. Hartmut Höll, were available to the Bachelor's students for exciting interviews, which were created as part of the seminar "Interview Film". Lecturer Karsten Kurowski supervised the students during preparation and filming. "The students are the most important thing for me" Prof. Dr. Matthias Wiegandt, the new rector of the Karlsruhe University of Music, in conversation   Der… Weiterlesen
In 2026, the Bayreuth Festival will celebrate its 150th anniversary. This is the occasion for an extensive and interdisciplinary third-party funded project at the Karlsruhe University of Music, led by Prof. Dr. Stephan Mösch and supported by the Bareva Foundation (Vaduz) with 400,000 euros. The project is scheduled to run for five years. It operates at the interface of scientific and artistic research, examines music theater discursively in social space, and probes contemporary forms of… Weiterlesen
Handing over the baton at the Karlsruhe University of Music Prof. Hartmut Höll hands over to Prof. Dr. Matthias Wiegandt As part of a ceremony marking the 51st anniversary of the Karlsruhe University of Music, the handover of the rector's office took place on 11 October 2022.  The pianist and lied accompanist Hartmut Höll has led the Hochschule since 2007, and he will remain with the Hochschule's lied class.  As rector, he now passed the baton to musicologist Matthias Wiegandt, who has taught… Weiterlesen