ZeitGenuss: Final Concert live at idagio

24. October 2020

Thanks to the cooperation with the online streaming portal idagio, the Karlsruhe University of Music is now represented with outstanding productions in the internationally renowned Global Concert Hall. The first concert from Karlsruhe to be technically supervised by the University's ComputerStudio will be the Final Concert of the ZeitGenuss Festival with the Ensemble for New Music directed by Peter Tilling. It is available at idagio for seven days. Thus, even those who were not lucky enough to get one of the corona-related extremely limited concert tickets can participate. Works by Wolfgang Rihm, Markus Hechtle, Rebecca Saunders, Vito Žuraj and Márton Illés will be heard. Wolfgang Rihm himself will speak about the programme.

Sunday · Oct 25, 2020 · 6 p.m.
Live from Karlsruhe University of Music · Wolfgang-Rihm-Forum


Online Ticket 9.90 €

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