Bachelor Degree Program: Music Journalism

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Bachelor Degree Program: Music Journalism for Radio, Television, and Internet

The Bachelor of Music programin journalism is a full-time on-campus program which starts with the winter semester. Admission requires a passing grade on the entrance examination (see Study  Curriculum BA / MA).

It is a six semester program. Curriculum is divided into three modules: music, journalism, and production. Students learn fundamentals of instructional content and information in electronic media. By the end of the program, they should be capable of dealing with basic requirements of production in all three media. In music education and media studies, there is considerable opportunity for individual artistic and journalistic achievement. The central focus is on creative practice with musical instruments as well as practical experience in radio and television studios. With a solid amount of practice and required internships during semester breaks, the students acquire real-life professional experience. This is valuable preparation for entry-level jobs at media firms or or further education at other master’s degree programs. The following skills are taught:

  • Operating HDTV cameras
  • Mastering broadcasting / production technology basics for radio and television
  • Programming music for pop and classical radio broadcasts
  • Radio / television hosting
  • Writing online texts
  • Creating news reports and announcements
  • Producing online / radio / television broadcasting elements
  • Creating video and radio segments
  • Maintaining news and blog support programs

Further subjects, such as media ethics and research, provide students with much-needed media skills, and help them be aware of a high level of professional responsibility and civic engagement skills involved in media work.

As a degree thesis, a multimedia production focuses on video or audio. The academic degree of bachelor of arts (MA) in music journalism for broadcasting and multimedia is conferred upon graduates of the undergraduate program.