IMJ Projects

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IMJ Projects

An integral part of music journalism studies is project work within the university or, often, with external partners. Students gain additional experience with later professional career requirements. They exchange and coordinate with media professionals based on real work processes, deepening topics studied in the classroom in professional environments.

Some completed projects:


Cross-media storytelling for the Mozart Laboratory, Würzburg Mozart Festival          

IMJ students again produced audio programs and videos about the Mozart Laboratory for the Würzburg Mozart Festival. Their productions posted on the festival website.


Production of video and Pageflow features for the SWR Classic website 

IMJ students contributed to launch the SWR Classic website by producing videos and Pageflow stories. Their videos explained instruments of the SWR Symphony Orchestra as well as presenting key orchestral positions and their professional environment.


ARTE Summer of Love special

IMJ students assisted the ARTE Deutschland Summer of Love special with trimedial edited contributions on the station homepage. For several weeks, ARTE broadcast a series of programs on the 1960s, including musical films, documentaries, and theme nights about hippie concepts of peace, flowers, drugs, and consciousness raising. Additional background information in audio, video, and text contributions was produced for individual programs and a thematic environment created for ARTE Online (, mostly produced and designed by IMJ students.