The "Horst-Günter-Bibliothek"

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The "Horst-Günter-Bibliothek"

Horst Günter (1913-2013) was a renowned singer and vocal pedagogue. In the course of his long life, he compiled a library containing books and other writings on singing from four centuries, which is probably unique in the world in its encyclopaedic scope. Vocal tracts from the 17th to the 19th century, many in valuable first editions, vocal encyclopaedias, vocal-scientific medical studies and singers' biographies are united here in a collection which, due to its coherence, has the character of a scientific study library.
Through the mediation of Günter's student Thomas Hampson, the university was able to acquire this treasure of books, which will be publicly accessible in future as the "Horst Günter Library in one of the Kavaliershäuser. Parts of the older holdings are also being digitised.
The library is the heart of a planned centre for vocal research, which aims to promote a lively dialogue between science and practice.