Ulrike Meyer

Klavier Pflicht-/Ergänzungsfach
Fachgruppe 5: Tasteninstrumente, Gitarre, Harfe
Ulrike Meyer

Born and grown up in Stuttgart in a musical parental home. She learned the basis for her piano studies with Heidi Benmessaoud-Baader. Her studies took her to Hanover and Karlsruhe where she attended the piano classes of Karl-Heinz Kämmerling, Fany Solter and Werner Genuit. In Karlsruhe she passed her diploma examination, her artistic final examinations in piano solo, in song and chamber music. In 1991 she finished her piano studies with the soloist exam.

She was 1st prize winner in piano and chamber music at the HfM Circle of Friends Competition, and received further prizes in the Lied Duo Competition in Rio de Janeiro and the Bremen Piano Competition. She has recorded various works for SDR, SWF, NDR, Radio Bremen, chamber music on record and piano works by Beethoven and Brahms on CD. Scholarship holder of the nationwide Cusanus Foundation she was a piano and chamber music teacher at Weikersheim Castle.

During her postgraduate studies, she was able to take up a teaching position at the Karlsruhe University of Music, first as assistant to Prof. Fany Solter, then with a teaching assignment. Since 1993 she has been teaching her piano class as a full-time lecturer (academic assistant). In her class, she particularly appreciates the connection and exchange between piano students (BA, MA and SO) and school music students. Here she experiences and promotes an important interface between the courses of study, which she considers important both in terms of instrumental training and for the comprehensive education of the later artistic and pedagogical profession.
For many years, she was a liaison lecturer for the PreCollege, which she runs together with Prof. Andrea Raabe. There she is responsible for the concert and chamber music projects. 2008 -2013 she was head of the keyboard instruments/guitar section.

Since 1999 Ulrike Meyer has been a volunteer at the Erich Schickling Foundation in Eggisried/Ottobeuren (Unterallgäu), a cultural meeting place surrounded by the paintings and architecture of the artist Erich Schickling (1924-2012). In concerts, poetry readings, lectures, guided tours and seminars, topics from the arts, philosophy, science, religions and cultures are communicated and exchanged. Teachers, students and alumni of the university, among others, are also involved in these activities. The interdisciplinary "Eggisrieder Seminar for Music and Transcendence" was founded there in 1998. Since then, it has been held annually with students (also as an optional subject), for example in 2020 with the theme "Orpheus".