The Senate decides matters of art practice, artistic development projects, research, teaching, and studies of fundamental importance that may not be referred to another body, specialist group, or higher education institution for final legal authorization.

The Rector, Vice-rectors, Administrative Director, and Women's Representative are ex officio members of the Senate. Appointed by election, the Senate has nine full-time professors, two members from among the artistic and scientific staff, artistic and scientific assistants, and teachers of special skills, a lecturer, two students and a supplementary staff member.

Members by office

  • Prof. Hartmut Höll – Rector
  • Prof. Dr. Mirjam Boggasch – Vice-rector
  • Prof. Jürgen Christ – Vice-rector
  • Prof. Dr. Matthias Wiegandt – Vice-rector
  • Prof. Werner Schrietter – Vice-rector
  • Wolfram Scherer – Chancellor
  • Prof. Dr. Nanny Drechsler – Women's Representative

Elected members

Full-time university lecturer representation

  • Prof. Laurent Albrecht Breuninger     
  • Prof. Nachum Erlich     
  • Prof. Pirmin Grehlt
  • Prof. Markus Hechtle 
  • Prof. Christiane Libor     
  • Prof. Michael Moriz
  • Prof. Friedemann Röhlig     
  • Prof. Will Sanders 
  • Prof. Markus Stange   
  • Prof. Dr. Thomas Seedorf     
  • Prof. Dr. Johannes M. Walter


Academic staff representation

  • Elisa Agudiez
  • Kristian Nyquist


Lecturer representation

  • Prof. Maria Stange


Other employee representation

  • Grit Lamprecht


Student representation

  • Dominik Graumann

  • Melchior Killian

  • Maria Mienhardt

Honorary Senators

  • Sen. e. h. Bernd Bechtold
  • Sen. e. h. Dr. Hermann Büttner
  • Sen. e. h. Michaela Dickgießer          
  • Sen. e. h. Helmut Fischer
  • Sen. e. h. Dr. h. c. Daniel Fueter
  • Sen. e. h. Dr. Friedrich Georg Hoepfner          
  • Sen. e. h. Hans-Jürgen Müller-Arens
  • Sen. e. h. Günter Pilarsky          
  • Sen. e. h. Dr. h. c. Thomas Renner
  • Sen. e. h. Matthias Tritsch          
  • Sen. e. h. Dr. Ilse Völter †         
  • Sen. e. h. Prof. Dr. Dr. mult. h.c. Heinz Kunle †          
  • Sen. e. h. Rainer Koch †