Career Center

Seminar "Berunfsbezogene Beratung"


Mattis Dänhardt
T +49-(0)721-66.29-272
Fuchsbau · 2. OG · R303

Anna-Maria Steiner
T +49-(0)721-66.29-113
MUT · 1. OG · R105





Seminars on Career Orientation

The Career Center is a service institution of the university that coordinates the cooperation between the university and relevant employers in the fields of culture, science, education and business. This promotes the further development and consolidation of an university education that is oriented towards the employability of graduates, taking into account international requirements.

In a narrower sense, the Career Center has the task of initiating a dialogue between students and graduates, departments, institutes and external partners and to maintain this dialogue in the sense of long-term cooperation for the benefit of all parties involved. It provides information on starting an individual career and on looking for an internship as well as on career-oriented qualification offers, and it also offers personal advice.

The Career Center organizes several series of events, which must be taken within the module "Freiberuflichkeit", but which are also open to all students and external audiences within the scope of available places:

Dein Beruf - Deine Zukunft (DBDZ)
Lectures, seminars and workshops as well as counselling services for career orientation
(job orientation weeks in January and April)

Musik im Gespräch (MiG)
Talking on music and musicians with personalities of the international music life
(public events during the semester)

Fächerübergreifende Projekte (FÜP)
Interdisciplinary courses to combine musical theory and practice
(project academy annually in October etc.)