ISANIE Percussion Duo

Leonie Klein · Isao Nakamura

Péter Eötvös Speaking Drums (2012) Arrangement for one percussionist (WP)
Ursula Mamlok Variations and Interludes (1971) Arrangement for one percussionist
Sara Glojnarić Latitudes #2 (WP)
Toshio Hosokawa Windscapes (1996)
Dai Fujikura Chattering Birds (WP)
Vinko Globokar Dialog über Erde · Dialogue about earth (1994)
Uroš Rojko Ritem kože · The Rhythm Of Skin (2020) (WP)

The concert will be recorded for SWR2 and broadcast
on 10 May from 1.05 p.m. in the SWR2 midday concert.

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siemens musik stiftung

The creation of Sara Glojnarić's work Latitudes #2 was made possible by the support of the Ernst von Siemens Music Foundation.

The composition by Dai Fujikura Chattering Birds was made possible
by the Ernst von Siemens Music Foundation and the Hoepfner Foundation.

Eventtype: Neue Musik
27. June · 10:30 AM
CampusOne · Wolfgang-Rihm-Forum

Am Schloss Gottesaue 7 · 76131 Karlsruhe

15 € or 10 € reduced → order

Advance booking will be activated on 12 January.

No box office.
Limited seating capacity.
Access to the house from 6.45 p.m.
Please arrive on time.

Please observe the Corona rules for visitors.