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University of Music Karlsruhe
Prof. Roberto Neumann-Domingos
E roberto.

Helmholtz Gymnasium Karlsruhe
Dr. Stephan Aufenanger

Badischen Konservatorium
Sebastian Waldeck


Karlsruhe Music High School

Baden-Württemberg is Germany's leading musical region, boasting five of the nation’s 24 state music academies. Clearly thriving potential of musically talented and motivated young people in Baden-Württemberg calls for special educational opportunities.

The school landscape in Baden-Württemberg has an important educational facet through the establishment of music schools for children and adolescents who are high-achieving performers. Music schools combine instructional needs and educational paths for musically gifted students in outstanding and innovative ways.

The Karlsruhe Music High School enables qualified students to adapt and reconcile demandingly time-consuming musical commitments with school educational requirements. Intensive rehearsals, preparation for, and participation in, national and international competitions, master class attendance, and other high-quality musical activities may occur without conflicting with mandatory school education.

Schoolchildren who achieve top musical performance levels may acquire general higher education entrance qualifications and receive lessons in special subjects (Disciplines for Excellence).

These Disciplines for Excellence include:

  • Teaching in the instrumental or vocal major subject
  • Classes in ear training, music theory, and music history
  • Project work in orchestra and chamber music or choir and vocal ensemble
  • Lessons offered in the piano minor subject (or comparable possibilities for pianists)

Instrumental and vocal major subject lessons may be taught by instructors from the University of Music Karlsruhe, the Baden Conservatory, or a regional music school, as well as independent teachers. The University of Music Karlsruhe maintains standards of excellence in each subject.

At Helmholtz High School, Karlsruhe Music High School students are integrated into the school's established music cursus. From grades 5 to 7, enhanced music lessons are given three hours weekly; starting with grade 8, music becomes a core subject with four hours of weekly instruction. In addition, students participate in a choir, orchestra or jazz ensemble. During interludes of intensive practice, for example before competitions or master class participation,  pupils are excused from attending class. To make up for the artistically sanctioned absence, students may redo the missed assignments on an individual basis with the support of specialized Helmholtz High School teachers. The entire relevant institutional infrastructure, including cafeteria and library, remains available to them.

Changes in the music high school cursus of the Helmholtz High School may occur at all grade levels after successfully completed entrance exams for transferring credits.