Heidrun Waidelich

Körperschulung für Sänger/innen
Fachgruppe 4: MusikTheater (MusicTheatre Department)

Heidrun Waidelich studied American Studies, Modern Dance as well as dance therapy in the USA. She completed her teacher training at the University of Tübingen and deepened her passion for dance therapy in Switzerland and Germany. At the same time, she took over the direction of gymnastics and dance at the Sports Institute in Tübingen and worked as a dance therapist in various rehabilitation facilities. A further training as Certified Movement Analyst (C.M.A.) at the Laban Institute in New York and her further training as Integrative Dance and Movement Therapist at the Fritz-Perls Institute in Düsseldorf as well as further training in Psychotonik Glaser, Movement Studies with Amos Hetz, Alexander Technique, Feldenkrais completed her interest in the bodily expressiveness of human beings. The Zentrum für Tanz, Therapie und Gestaltung e.V. in Tübingen and the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Tanztherapie e.V. in Pulheim, which she co-founded in 1979 and 1980, are still her main areas of work today. In addition, she has been working as a teaching therapist for dance therapy at the Fritz-Perls Institute in Düsseldorf since 1990 and as a lecturer for body training at the IMT at the Karlsruhe University of Music since 2000. "My concern is to support singers and musicians in developing the best possible physical disposition for them. Along the themes that the students bring to the lessons from their lessons but also from everyday contexts, we jointly explore ways of developing clear self-perception, perception of the outside world, increasing the ability to communicate with the environment, presence and responsiveness. All of this is done by dealing with posture and movement in connection with singing and music".